Goat Delight Amanova

Goat Delight Amanova

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Ecological wet food Amanova Bio Grain Free for dogs

Amanova Bio Grain Free is an ecological and top quality food for dogs of all breeds. It is made with large percentages of meat from animals raised on farms, and fruits and vegetables selected and grown in a natural way. It is a hypoallergenic recipe, with a single source of animal protein, which does not use cereals or gluten.

A healthy diet, prepared as you would prepare it at home, to contribute to your pet's well-being. Thanks to the fact that it is hypoallergenic and without grains, it is ideal for animals with sensitive skin or stomach, as it keeps the coat tidy and promotes digestion.

The Amanova Bio line for dogs has different recipes prepared with the best combination of ingredients: duck with apricots, bananas and potatoes; salmon with celery, potatoes and chia; goat with potato and courgette; and veal with carrots, millet and coconut. All made with ecological meat and have a delicious flavor, for the most demanding palates.