Puppy Junior 3kg

Puppy Junior 3kg

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Natura diet super-superior for puppies and pregnant or lactating females.

Complete and balanced food, of super premium quality with an exquisite taste for the daily feeding of puppies of any size. Its selected ingredients provide all the nutrients and energy that puppies need for optimal growth. This is a product formulated by veterinary specialists in animal nutrition. Made in Spain.

Important note: Natura Diet foods have not been tested on animals.

Farm Nature is a range of foods created to meet the needs of dogs that incorporates high-quality ingredients to promote health and keep the digestive system healthy. Farm Nature uses only high-quality proteins that help strengthen the immune system. Furthermore, its vitamins and minerals support the immune system and aid in the natural regeneration of cells. All Farm Nature products incorporate fresh meat and dehydrated meat of the highest quality, which achieves, in addition to an excellent flavor without the need to incorporate artificial flavorings, a large amount of essential nutrients for dogs and cats through food natural.

With natural antioxidants obtained from plant extracts, such as rosemary, a natural preservative that guarantees a fresh and appetizing flavor.